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7 Word picks for 2017!

1. Photobomb (n.) Spoil a photograph of (a person or thing) by unexpectedly appearing in the camera's field of view as the picture is taken, typically as a prank or practical joke.

Admit it, you always wanted to do that photo bomb, and spoil (okay, in real terms get it better) your friends photo. But, what I see makes this word particularly special is the tendency of how this word is becoming a tradition for each and every special occasion. It definitely gets that 'mad you' awakened, and you want to jump and do that petty mischief. Ain't you? (with a sneering face)

2. Arcadian (n.) Idyllically innocent;simple and untroubled by fear or worry

Now, that is what everyone aspires to be (well, yeah you always have exceptions!). With days passing, and these IGCSEs soaring with complexities, I see myself as a drained teenager tomorrow (I mean in the near future, never mind though). However, I do dream to see this innocent version of me, soliciting only fancied satisfaction fro…

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