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Savvy Ways to: Silhouettes, Clicking Silhouettes like a Pro!

Not a talented photographer in any way, but a little bit of here and there, and I know I can create magic with capturism (thats what I call photography). What matters is you have to narrate a story. And, trust me, silhouettes equip me the best! (thats where I have started:)

 Upon a recent expedition I realised the art of clicking 'silhouettes' at the first thought of being a mirage of complexities is quite simple. What makes them so unique is the shear contrast between dark and light.

It's a beauty, if you get the perfect shot.

It's a miracle, if you focus it correct,

It's overflowing simplicity if you have a bright background (The thumb rule of any silhouette. )

Perhaps, its all of it. So lets get started. As I mentioned earlier, the thumb rule of silhouettes is a very bright or lighted background. So its the other way around, for all other photographs. You don't first select the subject, instead you select the background, first, and then adjust the subject. …

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