The Heart of a Foodie

Its this heart of a foodie that is never satisified. It longs for the endless ecstacsy that a bite of food can provide. Well, there are these some particular characteristics that all of them have, and it is beyond remedy to just loose this nature. To all food lovers and so called #Foodies out there:

Just to give it a start off, you can simply NOT share your food! Well, Sharing is caring but then when it comes to food, you really don't go with that phrase do you? You absolutely don't want some bad devil to appear out of nowhere bolting down on your food, when you have a plate of Chipotle burritos waiting for you right on the plate!

Now, Foodies do also suffer from severe mood swings like other normal humans, but then its just that, they have some other tasty medicine to cure it all up in like seconds. Just a swoosh of nutella on a bread slice feels like a paradise.

Well, the most surprising thing about foodies, is that they need food all the time, any wierdo time. You can sacrifice any important lecture, your client meetings, or may be even an assignment, to just have your meal. Food tops the priority list. Is that even a question to be asked? There's no way you can afford to skip eating! The best part is eating at the most odd hours. Ice cream from the fridge at midnight, that happens like everyday. Everyday.

Food is like Food. Throughout the day, you day-dream of the food in the fridge and when you finally reach home, you gorge on to it with immense satisfaction. You simply cannot resist the presence of food, and you not eating it, all because: Food is your Life!

Now, one really needs to acknowledge the fact that food is life, and you're completely incomplete without it. This world is divided into two types of people. The ones who eat to live and others who live to eat. I guess, most of us, no wait all of us belong to the second part, Ain't we?


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