Savvy Ways to: Silhouettes, Clicking Silhouettes like a Pro!

Not a talented photographer in any way, but a little bit of here and there, and I know I can create magic with capturism (thats what I call photography). What matters is you have to narrate a story. And, trust me, silhouettes equip me the best! (thats where I have started:)
Image Courtesy: Nilesh Gaudani (Clicked with Canon EOS 700D)

 Upon a recent expedition I realised the art of clicking 'silhouettes' at the first thought of being a mirage of complexities is quite simple. What makes them so unique is the shear contrast between dark and light.

It's a beauty, if you get the perfect shot.

It's a miracle, if you focus it correct,

It's overflowing simplicity if you have a bright background (The thumb rule of any silhouette. )

Perhaps, its all of it. So lets get started. As I mentioned earlier, the thumb rule of silhouettes is a very bright or lighted background. So its the other way around, for all other photographs. You don't first select the subject, instead you select the background, first, and then adjust the subject. The perfect position is what I assume a sunrise or a sunset. But, any light can do. Warning: This is going to be addictive. I promise.

Clicked with Love on a Cannon EOS 700D :)

Secondly, About choosing the subject: Make sure your subject has distinct lines. This will decide about how effective your silhouette is. As you can see above the landscape below is just a sub-detail, but the focus is on the person. Also, the subject should be isolated. Anything in the background that blocks light, or is unwanted, it will definitely turn out to be distracting and spoil your silhouette. Also, if there are more than just a single person, there should be a gap between them.
The palm trees wavering in the salty winds of Diu. (Clicked on Cannon EOS 700D)

In addition to this, make sure that you click the picture when you're on your knees, or on your stomach. This is what I learnt. It allows me to get more of the lighted background and landscape, than unwanted details like the floor or other sub-details. Though, you must remember, this isn't the thing you'd want to do in every picture. Remember, the purpose and what you want in the picture, the floor may be an integral detail too, it all depends on what you want in your photograph!
The twigs are an essential part of this composition. Can't get rid of them! #NatureCapturedByDad :) (Clicked on Cannon EOS 700D) 
The Frame. The next part is the frame. You have to nail this. The sky is infinite, and the window is small. But, capturing a silhouette from a frame doesn't lessen the fun. Clicking through small holes and antique windows can give you stunning silhouettes. The frame which you choose, also allows you to decide the amount of light that you want in the background, and how bright you want it to look. 
The Sunset through a Jarukha! (Captured on Cannon EOS 700D)
Lastly remember, a little bit of editing will not only complete your silhouette, but has scopes to transform it completely. After you've taken shots, increasing the contrast and saturation a little bit may make the background colours brighter and more appealing, while some if at all light has been shed on the subject, then you can make it disappear, so you decide the blackness of the subject.
The stunning skyline as the sun bathes in vivid oranges. #CapturedOnCannon
Now that you've got the basic knowledge, go around, fetch your camera, nudge a cousin, get to the landscape and start rocking you're silhouettes. Try and experiment with the shutter speed, and practice bracketing (It is going to give you amazing partial silhouettes!). Best Of Luck! Do ping me with questions if any! (Remember I'm no good full-time professional photographer, but just stumbling upon nature with a camera in my hand xD)

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