Describing the last moments before you leave a place forever.

Black. I am surrounded by a blanket of darkness and mystery to be unfolded. Its infinity and endurance has been questioned by millions, but I am not one of them. The emptiness of this place, makes me enjoy my solitude among stars, comets and constellations. In a day, I'll be back home, carrying a memory worth more than a billion dollars. 

As I throw a glance on my left, I see a ball to play with; perhaps a bit more gigantic. It is covered by a maze. An oxford green merges into a lighter green to become an aqua blue.  Swirls rise, change colours, and twist about each other to create one of the universe's most intricate design. it's edges submerge into a monochrome background, as if it were a quay of a port; uneven but exciting. A world more than humans and buildings. 

More beauty awaits: I surrender myself to the forces of this universe when I see down. My feet rest on a new soil. Its off-white colour intrigues me; passing a gust of peace and tranquility. The evenness of the soil makes a melange of feelings, too big to be conversed in mere words. When everything seems brighter down, I realise that mother nature has a deep encrypted message in each of its creations. As I touch the ground, I know one day the craters are going to be a tourist destination. I'll protect it. 

The colors dance in front of my eyes, as my eyes switch from the offwhite to a deep red. One of the nearest neighbours it seems! It is a smaller sphere; much smaller than the fierceness of its colour. The clouds on its surface form a winged structure. Perhaps, it's a phoenix being reborn. I see spots of dark orange dwelling into a maroon a finally a shade of red that surpasses all levels of intensity. 

Above, I see a pack of stars. Millions, billions, and trillions intertwined as a symbol of unity. The sparkle shakes me off, sparking the ray of hope that I'll be back here some day. After enjoying each and every detail that someone has meticulously crafted, I feel as if the emptiness of this place makes me feel claustrophobic. I know I am standing amongst my kin, from where I started this journey of life, and will get back as it finishes. I know I am not doing justice by expressing myself in words, but I am obliged to go back and share my experience with humanity - back at earth.  


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