The sun twinkled within it's own shimmer,
My eyes had a holographic view, as they moved,
from yellowish up to the sunken bottom.
The versatile colors shook their uniqueness,
and quickly huddled under the shade of unity.
They submerged near the horizon.
As I viewed them appear and disappear,
I was busy sitting under the shades,
of the husky, tender, coconut tree.
The water played it's role as always.
As the mighty waves surged their sound,
hitting the brown dew with a grudged sigh.
Wait a minute! I hear a knock!
We will meet tomorrow again on the beach side,
In my imagination as always,
(though my dream never proceeds from this moment!)
Don't forget, and be on time or else you'll miss it,
Its just around 5 moments long,
It's my boss calling!
Back to work!


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