The Walk

Life asked me to gait,
I tried and took the pains to the gate,
Well then I was 4,
When it yelled on me – ‘stride’,
I managed it fairly.
Suddenly it commanded to stroll,
 I strolled until life bragged me. That was
The limit….
Life then made me 15, and rudely ordered
Me to hike. I hiked till the camp of a ruthless job.
It was that times when it compelled
Me to jaunt, on the path of shear success,
I huffed and puffed, and at last I preached,
Oh dear Life! I am 60.
It turned me down and cruelly forced me to
Scamper, I couldn’t as I had used up my
Mighty legs and what I was left
with was 2 new stumps of rotten



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