Food Fairytale

If god, in your next birth made you a fairy, a wizard or a demon, what would be that one thing that you would like to carry with yourself to the world of magic? On first thoughts - friends? Family? House? Nothing more than this? We do not realise, but each of us share deep love with food, something that eases our appetite and keeps that beast inside alive!

Ageing back to the era of raw meat, wild man got started with cooking meat. It was satisfactory. Then  people on Earth got something cool, something that dazzled with snowflakes. The Europeans called it 'Ice cream'. It was then inspired by something that made us lazy potatoes, the concept of chips or may be 'Pringles' came up, and the food industry boomed... Recently people got more cautious about their diet and started having olive oil. Finally if you see it all today: 'An average person eats thirty five tons of food in his life'.

Glancing at today's scenario, a french man when asked would prefer to have a plain croissant and apple tarts for breakfast, while an Indian at the same time would like to have Dosa and Idli for the snack. When we gather a big lot of answers to this questions we would get a variety of answers like: Tacos, Cheese Macaroni, A packet of chips, Parathas, A Burger, A sandwich, Noodles and much more. Can we call it uniqueness or diversity? These are just manifesting words that we use to try and express our love for food, but we just try, and we are always suffer defeat. How can we empty the while ocean of love in just mere drops of words?

Sometimes we are so lost in the sunken bottom of food varieties , that we forget to stay in control, like wisely we start having big doses of oil, butter and cheese. As a result we gather large amounts of fats not suitable for our body's mechanism. The body persists to churn this fat to energy , but it needs a lot of time and exercise for that! To defeat this corvette which has been gathered, we should have a balanced diet . Something that has all the collective nutrients in proper proportions.

Looking back to the whole conversation, we shall conclude that all of us entail a mesmerising food fairytale, that beholds us to live, to enjoy and so to love! Yet, we shall remember if this enchantment got wicked it would lead us to something more than death!

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