A Magical Talk!

I was sitting,
there and it felt as if I got,
bonded to this worldly labyrinth,
of dutiful talks, and selfishness,
when no one cares about you,
and you are ought to care for,
every single being that has mere,
existence! It feels as if someone,
stabbed your heart with a shiny,
sleek knife that squashes into,
your red muscle and makes that red,
blood flow through your hands, legs and
your body. That red blood gives you,
the power to prove the impossible,
believe in the imaginary, and
choose the falsified abstract,
all of them make the reality a lot,
more enjoyable, then it possibly,
was, it was then that I realised,
that fairytales, neverland, and,
Unicorns actually existed!
They are a survival kit for,
a girl! possibly much more,
So anytime you sit bored,
wonder about being a fairy and,
getting magical! You'll feel much better,
as if all of your tensions have,
dissolved, and you've gotten,
all you wanted! It's going to be a,
gleeful betrayal to the world!


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