Sleeping on Six Wheels...

Sleeping on six Wheels......

Sleeping on six wheels,
Nasty experience, is it?
People flying all around you,
trying to ignore your snores!

Crumbs of food rolling up and down the floor,
Unintended water creating 'Nile' rivers,
all that is what you see down,
wondering how all of that got down.

That squishy noise of the engine bugging you,
not getting you a proper sleep,
as your eyes beg sleep,
surrounded by big swollen muscles awaiting rest.

Finally by a miracle you're blessed sleep!
Unintentional and totally by chance!
How's Life? - Sophisticated pleasure with a tint of peace!
Dreams and dares around you as you head back home!

Suddenly: a three sixty degree turn is performed by your neck,
Back and forth your head goes round,
all dependent on that silly controlling wheel!
Right and Left and Right and Left!

You realize the motion is stopped,
by a person coming up to you  knocking on your shoulder...
When that anger fills in you and you want to punch him,
1...2...3....4.... you count making sure you avoid the laughter

You know it's your home come,
and that you are in all haste to collect your belongings,
hard time remembering what you left where!
As you step down...

Just hoping that tomorrow comes out to be an active day,
where you don't sleep with your mouth open,
and that restrict flies entering your mouth to zero,
I know it happens with me everyday!


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