Happy Family! - Not so sweet not so sour!

Different personalities,
Betrayal was agonised!
Very very distinct,
On that hope of unity,
Can the family withstand it?

Red and pulpy far behind,
stemmed low and two wards inside, 
something so loveable, 
something so furious, 
Guess What? Was this the bread winner?

Something different, 
This time on the notes of a violet violin, 
with sacs like big alveoli, 
A whiney future, 
but nothing else. Big mothers.

Rich and sumptuous, 
a snarling darling for the pride of summer, 
First sour like lime, 
and then sweet by my side!
Building the bonds between all that seasons..
Looked like an arrogant daughter!

How far was that troop?
Like tall yellow army soldiers?
Half useless, 
but strong to fight, aiding your bones!
Were they going to make it all together?
This twins to triplets or may be more!

Time came to remember each other, 
as those hope giving members stood together!
Poisoned Apple, Grapes, Mango and Banana, 
standing on the spotlight, on the fall of sunlight!
They relaxed and rejoiced, 
Enjoying each other's betrayal - Who will die first?

As they lived happy, in that nasty fruit basket!
Not so sweet not so sour!


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