I am the Future! a contribution to India's youth!

I am the future!

As I walked through the old, unpaved road, I noticed that the layer of rainy soil stimulated the ‘petrichor’. The deodorizing odor had just sensationalized the running flow of adrenaline in my body. It wasn’t until that moment, when I realized that the slimy pathway was well-trodden and that the brisk and young footsteps had overpopulated the road. It certainly came to my mind, that, the blissful hearts had lay behind a remarkable start and that paved their life through success.

Furthermore, as I continued towards the half hanging, rusty board saying ‘The Deaf and Dumb School’, a feeling of cheer and zeal aroused, and that I was feeling the weight. Before this I had never visited the place so this confirmed my de-motivating spirit of extravagance, while I had never stayed in an environment of such kind; I was sure that it would have been hard for me to take a step and lift the latch. Since I profoundly desired to isolate my solitude I took that step and uplifted the metal piece. It was sure to strike the black metal bar down and made that annoying sound of ‘ting!’

The children there had never even contemplated, that their stitches could weave into a paradise, and that even they could live like the others. Their hazy eyes were always scintillating even after the dusk in their lives. From behind the tree, I watched them in glee! While some children were playing, some were roaming, and that some were concentrating on their studies. These ‘some’ children were so peaceful that it felt like heaven, though this silence was actually bugging me! Youngsters like me can never be silent! While I was rethinking on the idea of meeting them, I realized that there was no one to talk and no one to hear, ultimately leading to quietude.

“This quietness should be removed!” I spoke to myself, as I walked back to my house, and pondered about the whole issue for 10 long days. According to my thoughts: silence could be a sign of de-motivation, giving up life and that never being successful! Yes! I did understand that they were conveying a strong message of help through this silence, and it could never be misunderstood. Hopefully I wasn’t the first person to acknowledge it, yet I live in the sadness that I wasn’t the last person to do so! If I was, the world population might have changed it’s intentions towards the well being of all. This silence is mightily loud and that if we don’t hear it today, then you and I are similar like those kids.

Today I am trying to get these kids out of the silence in numerous ways. If each and every child on this planet could proudly speak “I am the future!” and that the other children could permanently remember the echoes of these jovial words, I would not only jubilantly mumble but could cheer that – I am the future! So if each child could be the contented future, I hope most of the problems in the world would be solved, therefore “I am the future!”

By: Shubhanshi Gaudani

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