Fun ! Advantage as well as a Disadvantage of being young!

Fun ! Advantage as well as a Disadvantage of being young!

‘Fun’ is the word the word that each and every child like me would like to experience in each and everything that we do! We actually try and look for the word –fun in everyday talks and gossips. Though this word is very precarious this is because, it has multiple meanings. Fun can turn out to be really helpful or sometimes really hazardous to someone. While fun is capricious, it is dependent on people like me, how they handle it all! Advantageous or disadvantageous it all depends on us!

I have done many experiments with – fun. Most of them were successful, but not everything! Sometimes when I expected fun to be really good, it excruciatingly came out to be adverse and vice versa for other situations. I think with 2 incidents I can justify my stake on – fun.

Last year I was given some amount of money for as my birthday present. The wish was mine whether I use it to purchase a brand new video game, or spend time with the poor children and have a meal with the. I was in great confusion and the dilemma was complicated. Both of them would give me fun!

If I purchased a new video game, I would play it more often, and that reduce my outdoor playing time. Even that my eyes would get damaged. Though I am thin I do worry about obesity. My family time would reduce and that I would be so much into playing that game that I won’t be able to even thank my parents. This was a difficult quandary!

Furthermore, as I thought about the second option which was visiting the poor children and having a gala time with them. This sounded pretty convincible! The only problem was that for me it was just going to be a static pleasure. What about the other days of the following year?
I spent a lot many days thinking behind the same. My perseverance should have been admired! It was so hard, until that moment when my best friend made me understand that it was the ‘memories’ that were going to stay with me for the next year. This new ray of enlightenment actually contradicted my first gloomy thought!

Well everything seemed lucid! When I performed a thinking routine called – ‘Plus, Minus and Interesting’ I concluded that the second option had a positive impact on me while the first one had some probability of a negative impact. Fun was in both! Seeing smiles and actually smiling, which one was better?

Everyone I asked made different choices. Some people voted for the video game option while some for the second one. This is how every young life is different ad that fun is advantageous for some while it is hazardous for some.

So, in my life fun has an idiosyncratic role. Fun being the heart of youngsters, I think it is a variable, in each and every young life. So for some it has always been proved to be an advantage, while some lack the courage and unwittingly make it a disadvantage for their life. For me everything is fun and that it will be throughout my young hood. Therefore, fun is the exclusive advantage for me to be young and that fun is the exclusive disadvantage for me to be young! 

By: Shubhanshi Gaudani

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