Deep down......

Deep Down…….

Deep down in something so cosmic, 
My heart rang! brinng! brinng! 
Mr. Childhood called:
Who was it?

A parcel on your name mam!
The words that dazzled,
In was glitter, glamour and glister,     
but with something more!

The box was colossal, 
Teensy hands held that dainty box
A dainty box! a dainty box?
What was it? What was in?

When my hands heaved,
As my eyes tantalised, 
Both in immense desperation, 
As they both exposed the box!

Out came was something unparalleled!
A classy bottle from a magical word!
A potion bottle of age was it!
A symbol of juvenility been in me!

The bottle was hulking, 
With loads of love fluttering around!
Don't be jealous!
May be even you’ll get a call from him! 

Receive it, in a cordial tone! 
Follow my tips, and don’t act grown, 
Or else! you may regret, 
Who knows? You may get something, better than childhood twice! 


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